Client Stories

There is no better way to get to know Spanish Coalition for Housing than through our clients. See below for some of our success stories.

 Foreclosure Prevention

See one of our Hardest Hit Fund Clients share her story:

“If you find yourself in foreclosure it can be so hard. But never give up.” – SCH Client Carlos Muñoz

SCH clients, Rosaria and Carlos Muñoz were regular with their mortgage payments until tragedy struck their family. Ms. Muñoz was diagnosed with a rare lung disease in 2009. The illness required long-term treatment and Rosaria was no longer able to work. Over the years, her medical bills began to pile up and they were no longer able to make ends meet. They defaulted on their mortgage payment in January of 2012. Meanwhile their home was “underwater,” its value depleted to $75,000 and they were unsure of what to do.

The Muñozes came to SCH in May of 2013 for help with their foreclosure. They worked with foreclosure counselors Maricela Barrera and Nina Marrero while Ms. Muñoz continued to battle with health concerns and worked as a babysitter for income. Maricela comments “They were a very committed family. They worked around her surgery schedule to make sure all of their documents were submitted on time.”

Through the counseling process, the foreclosure deadline was looming. The house had two sale dates in fall of 2013 that were both postponed through the hard work of Maricela and the Muñozes . Finally, last month, after 9 months of negotiations, they were granted a loan modification and can stay in their home.

Maricela states, “We worked very closely this past year. We are all so excited that the case was resolved and Ms. Muñoz can focus on her health.”

Carlos is very grateful for his experience with SCH. “It was a very long experience but the counselors did a great job and got the modification. We are so thankful to Maricela and Nina and the whole team at SCH. Everyone was very professional and helpful.”

The experience was also a lesson in perseverance for the Muñozes. “If you find yourself in foreclosure it can be so hard. But never give up; you have to keep pushing forward.”

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Chicago Bilingual Landlord Association

“I’m now more informed of my rights as a landlord and what my tenants’ rights are.” – CBLA member José Fuentes

Spanish Coalition for Housing offers education and support services for landlords. Our dedicated Landlord Specialist, Edward Skoda offers bilingual counseling to landlords and monthly workshops on various topics. He also runs the Chicago Bilingual Landlord’s Association (CBLA.) He explains, “CBLA helps landlords to understand the rules, regulations and city ordinances so they can be better informed of their rights and responsibilities. We also help mediate conflict between tenants and landlords to help avoid eviction. There are many services for tenants in Chicago, but very few for landlords. We have a unique program.” Spanish Coalition for Housing serves up to 3,000 landlords per year at our three locations.

CBLA member José is enthusiastic about his work with Spanish Coalition for Housing. “CBLA gives me professional services that meet my needs and help my tenants. I’m now more informed of my rights as a landlord and what my tenants’ rights are. I know how to stand up for myself and it’s improved respect between me and my tenants. Eddie (CBLA Specialist) goes out of his way to help me. He’s a 10!”

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Pre-Purchase Counseling and Financial Education

“Now I have a stable home for my children and I have peace of mind. I can finally relax.” – Ana Hernandez, SCH client

Ms. Hernandez’s story marks a great success of our Pre-purchase homeownership program and financial literacy program!

Ms. Hernandez came to Spanish Coalition for Housing after trying to find stable housing for seven years. She became a single mother to eight children when her partner passed away in 2007 following a battle with leukemia.  On top of this family tragedy, Ms. Hernandez struggled to find a good landlord that was willing to house her large family. She rented an apartment until this frigid winter when her heat broke. And she was suddenly homeless with all of her children. Ana shares, “We all moved in with my mother because we had nowhere else to go in a hurry. I knew I needed to get a house of my own where I could raise my family. I was determined to make it work.” Ana also struggled to find a lender that would work with her because of some minor debts. “ I had to start over with the buying process several times before Spanish Coalition, it was so disappointing.” Luckily Ana maintained a positive attitude and was eager to move forward with the homebuying process.

At Spanish Coalition for Housing our Financial Education and Pre-purchase counselors worked together to help Ms. Hernandez resolve minor debts, develop a spending/savings budget and apply for a mortgage.  She also attended our Homebuyer Education workshops.  Pre-purchase counselor Madeline reports, “We had to go back and forth several times to make sure we had all the information and paperwork necessary for approval. But eventually she was approved with Wells Fargo. We are happy this worked out for her!” She purchased her home in May of this year.

Ana’s advice for future homeowners? “Don’t give up! It can sometimes feel like nothing is being accomplished but it is worth it in the end. Stay determined!”

See our Pre-Purchase Counseling and Financial Education.