Community Alliance: Helping Chicago one neighborhood at a time


Chicago, IL., January 10, 2017 – Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) has partnered with Spanish Coalition for Housing (SCH) and one other Housing organization to bring  target  neighborhoods across the city a public awareness and educational effort – the Community Alliance. This alliance serves as a bridge to connect with community members who seek assistance in areas such as senior housing, job opportunities, section 3 businesses, section 3 landlords, and more.

At SCH there are four people working under the Community Alliance umbrella: CHA Project coordinator Josefina Plancarte-Davila, CHA Administrative Coordinator Paula Bolander, CHA Project Coordinator Melissa Ruvalcaba, and CHA Administrative Coordinator Lydia Rodriguez. They each serve one of the following neighborhoods: Gage Park, Back of the Yards/New City, East Side, and Belmont Cragin.

Spanish Coalition for Housing’s CHA Project Coordinator, Melissa Ruvalcaba had this to say on the program: “The Community Alliance initiative has allowed the opportunity to deliver reliable, truthful information to the community about the various programs offered through CHA. For too long, individuals had been misinformed about what CHA offers [but] this program is helping build a bridge and a connection in different communities by offering free educational workshops.”

When you visit the SCH Community Alliance landing page at, you will have the opportunity to select the nearest neighborhood to you and see which workshops are being offered that month. You can expect to see workshops offered on the topics listed below:

  1. Affordable Senior Housing (prospective senior applicants)
  2. Section 3 job applicant opportunities (public housing residents and Housing Choice Voucher (HVC) participants)
  3. Section 3 businesses (minimum requirements and experience set forth by CHA)
  4. Chicago Landlords looking for reliable rental income (HCV program, Public Housing program, Property Rental Assistance (PRA) program)
  5. Affordable housing options (Scattered Site applicants – this program consists of individual and or multi-unit properties throughout the City of Chicago)

To learn more and to sign up for your first workshop, visit the SCH Community Alliance webpage at or call Spanish Coalition for Housing at 773-342-7575 and we will connect you with the Community Alliance Coordinator nearest you!

 About SCH – Spanish Coalition for Housing is a 501-c3, U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) certified Housing Counseling agency that was founded in 1966 and has grown exponentially in the years following. SCH sees and successfully serves over 10,000 clients each year.


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