Finding Her Way: A Client Success Story


“It was sign” Jacquelyn proclaimed as she described how she felt when she was told to go see Spanish Coalition for Housing. It was an instant she recalls with vivid clarity as it was a moment that changed everything for her.

Jacquelyn Pikowski loved and continues to love spending time with her dogs, watching football, reading good books, and learning as much as she can. She earned her Master’s Degree (MBA) with an emphasis in finance in 1993 and worked hard to support her sister, who had been diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis, and her mother; however, when both of them passed away, it rocked Jacquelyn to her core emotionally, and left her struggling financially, as she was then facing a large amount of debt.

Shortly after she lost her mother and sister, she was laid off from her job. Jacquelyn said she had to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. She wanted a new start, a new job – she wanted to be fulfilled. After 8 months, she thought that her chance was beginning again as she landed a new job and was able to switch to Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which meant she was finally able to start repaying her debt. Unfortunately, $2,000 was taken out of her account monthly, leaving her scraping for money by the end of her paycheck. She felt she couldn’t enjoy this new chapter in her life. Things got worse still when Jacquelyn lost that job as well.

“I was right back where I started,” she said.

The back and forth was getting exhausting for her as she tried to stay afloat. She had attempted to switch back to Chapter 7 Bankruptcy once again, but had built enough equity in her home while on Chapter 13 that she no longer qualified.  She was feeling low and didn’t know where to turn anymore as the possibility of foreclosure became more real with each passing day.

She said when she went on Unemployment, she was given a flyer and told to go see Spanish Coalition for Housing. The woman who gave her the flyer had gone through the foreclosure process and had tragically lost her home, but thought there might still be hope for Jacquelyn. Jacquelyn said she felt it was a sign because she had lived in Humboldt Park her whole life and never knew she had such an incredible resource right around the corner.

She was assigned to Homeownership Counselor, Nydia Roman, and from the moment she sat down in Nydia’s office, she was at ease. Nydia recommended that she apply for Hardest Hit Funds (HHF) Restatement and Monthly Mortgage Payments programs.

“Everything was great,” she said. “From my very first appointment she was amazing at helping me figure out everything I needed to provide for the process. She walked me through all the steps and was very thorough.”

With Nydia’s help, Jacquelyn was approved for both HHF programs and signed final papers for her closing on Monday October 24th, 2016. After so much loss and financial hardship, Jacquelyn was finally current on her payments, and was able to breathe for the first time in a long time, resting in the fact that her home was safe.

Jacquelyn believes that anyone in a similar situation should ask for help. She said what truly makes a difference is having an advocate in your corner and that’s what Spanish Coalition for Housing is.

If you or someone you know is facing a financial hardship, call one of the Spanish Coalition for Housing offices nearest you to make an appointment, or visit the website for more information.

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