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A client success story:

Spanish Coalition for Housing strives to help every individual who walks through our door find success. No matter what they may be facing, we find so much joy in the victories of our clients. The triumph of one such client, Wanake Schaeffer, is an excellent example of what dedication and patience can accomplish.

Wanake came to SCH as a new resident of the Hermosa neighborhood. She and her family relocated to the area in the summer of 2014 from the South Suburbs. She said when she moved out here she knew it was the right choice. She was able to find a new doctor and dentist located in the same building, and the people around the area were genuinely kind to her family.

“The neighbors to the left and right to of my home were very welcoming and helpful. With that being said, it’s not too often you come across people to be so helpful and friendly – almost treating you like family.”

Wanake admitted that she stumbled upon SCH and decided to stop in one day just to see what services we offer.

“I was greeted right away by Cindy Castellanos,” Wanake said.  “She had a friendly smile and that set the mood for good communication between the both of us.”

Cindy was able to explain all of SCH’s services, including our rental assistance programs.  At the time, Wanake was in need of assistance with paying her rent because unemployment plagued her for over a year and the funds from that setback had run out. Cindy referred her to Rental Counselor, Carmen Landecho, right away. At the time, there was no funding for Wanake’s request, but Carmen instructed her not to give up and to continue checking back.

“That was the stepping stone for me to build the relationship between myself and SCH.  I came in frequently to utilize the resource room for the computers. It allowed me to do job searches, and copying and printing of documents.”

Wanake soon became familiar with other staff members, including Lydia Rodriguez. She referred her to speak with Marisa Torres who was providing the help with the Community and Economic Development Association of Cook County (CEDA) program. The CEDA program is meant to help qualified individuals or families with energy assistance.

“At this point I was using the computer and resource room daily. The SCH staff helped me with my resume and anything else I needed,” Wanake said.

The frequent visits to SCH allowed Wanake to build relationships with the staff who helped her utilize many resources. SCH’s constant assistance and support helped Wanake land a job at St. Francis Hospital in Evanston as a Patient Care Tech in January 2015. Unexpectedly, Wanake also received a call that same day asking her if she would be interested in returning to previous line of work. Wanake is entirely grateful and living successfully after her time with SCH.

“Talk about and awesome God. Thank you Jesus. And thank you friends of the Spanish Coalition.”

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