New Year, No Problem!

A client success story:

For Landlord and CBLA member, General Taylor, the New Year is welcomed with ease as he gears up to collect rent and open the doors for new tenants.

General is the landlord of a 3 -flat building with a basement in which he resides for on-site assistance. For 7 to 8 years he had faced tenants whom he couldn’t get to pay rent, and he wasn’t executing the appropriate procedures before accepting new renters. This ultimately left him in the dark on the kind of people he was dealing with.

For example, General once had a tenant who paid in cash and once the lease was finished, the tenant left. Lucky for General, this ended on good terms, but at the time he was not screening his tenants with a background check or credit score check. This information is invaluable to landlords because if the tenant had left without notice, General would have had no way of tracking him/her down. Fortunately, General stumbled across Spanish Coalition for Housing before any serious damage was done.

General came to SCH knowing it was a housing organization and hoping for some guidance. Little did he know, SCH has a program specifically targeting landlords called the CBLA (Chicago Bilingual Landlord Association); SCH landlord specialist, Edward Skoda says “CBLA helps landlords to understand the rules, regulations and city ordinances so they can be better informed of their rights and responsibilities. We also help mediate conflict between tenants and landlords to help avoid eviction.”

“I have assisted Mr. Taylor for about a year and a half or so. He was in a situation with tenants not paying rent and was very upset with being a landlord at this point. Mr. Taylor started to attend monthly landlord workshops and became knowledgeable on landlord rights. He is now a member of the CBLA and comes into the office periodically just to say hi!” Edward said.

After working with Edward, General can confidently say that he understands the importance of tenant screening and the steps for that procedure. In fact, he is in the process of completing documents for his final tenant at his 3-flat building.

General says he is so grateful for what SCH did and continues to do for him. ”It’s been a great experience for me and I would recommend it to any of my friends or anyone else. They should go talk with SCH before making any type of decision on their own. They need all the information they can get, but the right kind of information.”

If you’re a landlord who isn’t quite sure what your rights are, or you need help with resolving a conflict with a tenant, take a page out of General Taylor’s book and give SCH a call or drop by. We’re here to help!

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