Foreclosure Counseling

Spanish Coalition for Housing offers free quality counseling to homeowners experiencing foreclosure. Our team of dedicated, bilingual counselors work with you to solve your foreclosure through a variety of means and programs.

91% of our foreclosure clients in the past year had a positive outcome to their case!

We developed a comprehensive program that helps families in or at risk of foreclosure by providing both one-on-one counseling and group workshops. During the counseling process you can expect:

  1. Review of your financial situation and hardship
  2. Budget preparation
  3. Development of an action plan based on your individual needs
  4. Negotiations with your lender to find a solution
  5. Follow up and housing and budget information

If you are at risk of foreclosure please contact one of our offices immediately. Contact SCH

 In order to help you resolve your foreclosure we will need information about your situation and what led to the foreclosure. You will need to bring financial documents to your first appointment.


You can speed up the counseling process by getting all of your documents organized ahead of time. Please bring:

-Picture ID for all parties:

  • Driver’s License or
  • State ID

-Proof of Income:

  • 2 months of most recent check stubs
  • Social Security Award Letter (most current year)
  • Child Support(6 month bank statements or Court Order)
  • Profit & Loss Statements for 6 months

-Rental Agreements/Leases for all tenants

-Bank Statements (3 months, if self-employed 6 months…All Pages)

  • Checking
  • Savings
  • Any other account

-Hardship Letter (Explain when and why you fell behind on your payments)

-Proof of all expenses included in your monthly budget including: water, gas, light,
telephone, cell phone, car insurance etc…

-Federal Tax Returns with W2’s for the last two years

-Last Mortgage Statement, Name of Lender and Loan Number

-Property Tax Bill/Homeowners Insurance Policy

-Closing or Refinanced Documents

-Bankruptcy Discharge papers, if applicable

-Certificate of Divorce, if applicable

-Death Certificate, if applicable

-Foreclosure documents, if applicable

*All persons listed on the mortgage must be present at the first appointment*

Foreclosure Intake Forms – English

Foreclosure Intake Forms- Español