Chicago Bilingual Landlord Association

“CBLA helps landlords to understand the rules, regulations and city ordinances so they can be better informed of their rights and responsibilities. We also help mediate conflict between tenants and landlords to help avoid eviction. There are many services for tenants in Chicago, but very few for landlords. We have a unique program.” – Edward Skoda SCH Landlord Specialist

“I’m now more informed of my rights as a landlord and what my tenants’ rights are.”– CBLA member J. Fuentes



The Chicago Bilingual Landlord Association (CBLA) provides a network of education and services to landlords.  We provide education for small landlords to better manage their properties and communicate with their tenants. Many small landlords rely on their rental income for their livelihood. If their renters are behind in rent, the landlord may become behind on the mortgage and at risk of foreclosure. This cycle negatively impacts the rental market in a neighborhood very quickly and contributes to housing instability.

In order to prevent the foreclosure of multi-unit buildings we work with landlords to promote better business practices and financial stability. We offer educational workshops, 1-on-1 support and membership in the Chicago Bilingual Landlord Association. Educational topics include: conflict resolution, tenant rights, landlord rights, understanding city ordinances and tenant screening.

The majority of our members are low-income owners of small buildings. Our goal is support landlords to become informed and empowered building owners. They learn about their rights, tenants’ rights, the legal requirements of renters, the eviction process and conflict resolution.

Members also have access to 1-on-1 counseling, rental applications, leases and low-cost tenant screening tools including credit and background checks.

“CBLA gives me professional services that meet my needs and help my tenants. I’m now more informed of my rights as a landlord and what my tenants’ rights are. I know how to stand up for myself and it’s improved respect between me and my tenants. Eddie (CBLA Specialist) goes out of his way to help me. He’s a 10!” – CBLA member J.Fuentes

For more information please contact one of our three landlord specialists:

North Office/Hermosa – Edward Skoda, Landlord Specialist, or 773-276-7633

South Office/Pilsen – 312-850-2660

Southeast Office/South Chicago –  773-933-7575

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