Take the Pledge – 2020 Census

We get one chance every decade to collect accurate census data. This data influences federal funding, infrastructure and government representation. When we don’t ensure a fair and accurate count, it has serious consequences for our communities and our nation – with many of those consequences lasting for at least 10 years. If there was an accurate count in 2010, there would have been $550 million more per year for health, education and financial stability programs benefiting children and young people.

Take the Pledge!

I am committed to a fair and accurate 2020 Census because if my community is not fully counted in the 2020 Census, we will miss out on investments and resources that we need and deserve. A good census is the first step in making sure my community has good jobs, roads, and schools now and in the future.

I pledge to do my part by completing the 2020 Census online or on paper by April 1, 2020.